Pan for treasures in mel's all-new Gem Dive!

Mel's Gem Dive allows anyone to pan for real gemstones in our mining sluice. A mining sluice is a trough where clear, flowing water circulates over and over. You start by purchasing a bag of mining rough hiding gems and stones to uncover.

They you take your bag to the sluice and sift through it. The clean water washes the sand away and what is left is gems minerals and and fossils to take home! 

Each “panner” also receives an identification card and a collector's bag to put their treasures into so they can take it home and identify their new gems.

Kids love identifying what they find, and the best part is they keep everything they reveal. Plus every bag is different, so it'll be a new experience every time!


Pay Dirt: $7
Fossil Find: $9
Emerald Strike: $12
Mother Lode: $25

Mining rough includes educational ID postcard, and take-home collecter bag.