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Seeking thrills and chills this Halloween season? Look no further than Nightmare New England, the largest most terrifying haunted destination in the Northeast.

Situated outside, along the banks and forest of the Merrimack River, visitors of Nightmare New England will experience the dark countryside as a central character in this twisted trail of terror. Located in Litchfield, N.H., the scream park offers something for everyone, with six haunted attractions on location, restaurants, bars and more. The vastly expanded Monster Midway plays host to sideshow attractions, music nightly, Zombie paintball, Go-Kart racing, Mini-Golf, concessions, tarot card readings and a fire-pit. The park also offers ample parking and can easily accommodate buses of all sizes. Nightmare New England promises to make Halloween not just a holiday but a destination.


The history of the notorious Bishop family of Litchfield, N.H. has been known for generations but spoken of only quietly and behind closed doors. In 1954 Encee Bishop the patriarch of this unusual family built a stately plantation home along the banks of the Merrimack River. The Bishop family went largely unnoticed as they had stayed to themselves and were rarely seen in the community or at local events. This very secretive family was hardly ever spotted during the day preferring to be most active after sundown, an unusual pattern to see in Litchfield's farming community.

What little is now known about the Bishops primarily was learned through word of mouth by and the observation of neighbors that they seemed devoted to dark rituals and appeared fanatical about commemorating the passage of Halloween each year. When October would arrive, the Bishops' property began humming with activity after sundown and well into the early morning hours, high pitched and sometimes muffled sounds could be heard sporadically coming from the direction of home and surrounding property. It wasn't until the mid-1960's that the community began to speculate horrible things related to the Bishop family even though very few had ever encountered family members in person.

Around this time numerous people began to go missing from the Litchfield community and it wasn't long before neighbors began to express feverish concern about their own safety and threatening the Bishops with some connection to the missing men and women. With no evidence to tie them to the disappearances, the Bishops were never confronted directly. Over the next 3 years the reports of missing people across New England multiplied to nearly 2 dozen though it was unclear whether they were connected.

Finally, in October of 1972 two carloads of teenagers went missing after a local dance and two days later the burned out cars were discovered adjacent to the Bishops' property. Fearing the worst, and with the zealous demands of the people of Litchfield, the local authorities arrested and imprisoned the entire family but there has been speculation that not all of the family members were caught. Although the property has been abandoned since they've been taken into custody, strange and fearful sounds continue to accompany the riverside property in Litchfield even to this day. Moreover, not all the remains of the missing people have been discovered and new reports have been filed every year on behalf of people who have disappeared after venturing onto the Bishops land.

This fall - the Bishops return to Litchfield, N.H.

Ravens Claw Resurrection - Walking deep into the woods, under the iron archway and into the cemetery, guests immediately are surrounded by crypts, tombstones, mausoleums and freshly dug graves. Corpses and zombies lurk in the shadows and fog that blanket this legendary cemetery. The cemetery is set within the natural landscape around the historic Merrimack River and is guaranteed to deliver thrills and screams to all who dare to enter!

Brigham Manor - The name of this notorious home is an alias of sorts, intended to hide the fact that the property was (and still is) owned by the legendary Bishop family. This former grand manor simply sits in a state of disrepair; its once-glorious rooms are spoiled by years of dirt, filth, and graffiti. Through the years, strangers intrigued by the history of this family would trespass to adorn the hallways of this stately plantation with makeshift Halloween and horror memorabilia This memorabilia was placed as a tribute to the Bishops' well-known obsession with the holiday—and the very thing that would one day lead to the imprisonment the entire family.

During the summer of 2013, while doing some grounds clearing of an area of the property, the Nightmare New England building crew unintentionally exhumed a box buried in the ground. In a phenomenal turn of events, this box contained information and DNA evidence sufficient enough to acquit all surviving members of the Bishop family who remained in prison. The family has now returned to their long-abandoned, decrepit home and they have tried to put the pieces of their lives back together. However, with the recent disappearance of the local residents with ties to the original merciless accusations, the rumors about the Bishops have percolated again...

This fall you will have the rare opportunity to come face to face with the Bishops as you explore their home and become a witness to their twisted nightmare.

Riverside Hospital - Once a small community hospital, over a decade ago the state mandated that Riverside be converted into a psychiatric facility to tend to the psychiatric treatment of the dozens of patrons who entered the Bishops property but were never the same since. As the fearful legend of this family began to grow, Riverside quickly became overfilled with patients and shamefully understaffed. Recently, the hospital was swarmed by members of the Bishop family--the power was cut which trapped the patients inside. Now, screams have been heard echoing throughout the darkened hallways...this fall will you dare to walk these same halls? Do you have the courage to venture forth through these horrific scenes with nothing but the light of your group's single glow-stick?

"Welcome to The Family" Take an unnerving trip through the dark woods along the banks of the Merrimack. Here you will witness the inhabitants of The Colony, a family long hidden amongst the cover of darkness.

3 D Freak Show -- Enter the mind-bending labyrinth of 3-D Freak Show where a mutant army of freaks, evil clowns, and starving zombies reign supreme. Once in their world, navigate through the sewers, laboratories, mazes, and carnival attractions without turning into the main attraction yourself!

Guests begin their Nightmare at the "Monster Midway" where they will be greeted by dozens of freakish characters that freely roam the grounds of the Scream Park. The Midway will also feature concessions, gifts, photo opportunities, Zombie Paintball, Games and so much more!

Naticook Fish & Grille Restaurant on site
Mini Golf
Batting Cages
......and so much more!

Our Haunted Attractions are continuously updated and redesigned.  For 2014 we are excited to introduce one brand new haunt.
All of our attractions are designed with one goal in mind - SHEER TERROR!