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Spookyworld presents Nightmare New England

25 Years Mels

 5 Haunted Attractions Scattered Over 80 Acres!

Spookyworld presents Nightmare New England and the Haunted Hayride is the largest premier haunted destinations in the Northeast.

Situated along the banks of the Merrimack River, visitors venture in to the sinister countryside as a central character in our twisted trails of terror!

Located in Litchfield, New Hampshire, a quick ride over the Massachusetts border, our scream park offers something for everyone.  Home to 5 SEPARATE haunted attractions, including New England’s Newest Haunted Hayride. Sideshow attractions, Zombie paintball, Go-Karts, Mini-golf, Batting Cages, Carnival Concessions, Tarot Card Readers, Fire-pits, bars and more.

For the ultimate Halloween horror experience, visit Spookyworld presents Nightmare New England and the Haunted Hayride. 

2016 Attractions

HauntedHayrdie Final 1

You have asked for it for nearly a decade, and now your worst fears have come true. . .

Spooky World presents Nightmare New England unleashes The Haunted Hayride.

Our Haunted Hayride brings you on a 1 mile long journey, where you will come face to face and be tortured with the horrors of the dark woods of Litchfield, NH. What you encounter during those 20 minutes will forever be burned into your soul and leave you begging to escape.

Our Haunted Hayride will be like nothing you've ever experienced before. From a spider infested camp ground where you are nothing more than fly caught in the web of death, to a hidden compound ridden with horribly disfigured experiments, nothing is sacred and no one is safe. The bravest will cower and the toughest will beg for the punishment to be over, but it will have just begun.

3D Festival of FearsLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the 3D Festival of Fear! Step right up and explore the tortured world of rejected carnival misfits. From clowns to demented sideshow freaks, these characters were once well-known performers in the carnival world. Banished and forgotten, these tormented carnies have band together to bring to you a new type of attraction . . .

Step into their world of hallucinations and insanity as your childhood fears of clowns and all things hellish at the carnival are rudely awakened. Prepare for a sensory overload which will leave you questioning your own sanity.

So come one, come all and experience the 3D Festival of Fear!

Destroyed and discarded, welcome to Carnage - The Ultimate Junkyard. Dominated by the rejected elements of your everyday life, these inanimate exiles provide a safe haven for the unconventional hoarders. This new realm of purgatory shows you that one man’s trash can be another man's hell. A hoarders dream, and your new nightmare, who knows what you will uncover in the wasteland of unrest.

MelsIIIBrig The Bishop Family is no longer a threat to the people of Litchfield, NH this year. The police took matters into their own hands and shot, killed and locked up most of the family. It’s been said that a couple of members have taken to the hills, but only time will tell if the evil will ever return.

For now, Brigham Manor sits dark. Those in town swear they can still hear the blood curdling screams and cries for help coming from the house. Many have tried to walk through, but none have come close. Although supposedly abandoned, locals claim to have seen an eerie light coming from within the darkness of the condemned home, but many are too afraid to find out what is lurking inside.

It is now your turn to walk through the deserted halls of darkness. No help and nowhere to go but onward. Will you meet the same fate of eternal darkness which have captured those before you? Try if you dare to make it through Brigham Manor, The Darkness.     

NewBreedTake2 1A New Breed has taken over the wooded banks of the Merrimack River, transforming The Colony into something we couldn't even have imaged. Enter this renovated labyrinth of chaos at your own risk, and meet a new strain of hell’s servants. Once hidden amongst the cover of darkness, these unnatural beings have reemerged and are looking for bodies to torture and souls to destroy. Revamped trails of terror lead you through the back woods of The Colony where you can discover what real fear feels like.